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dangerously close

23 August, 2008


there’s only 10 days until Hardman 2.0 arrives.

..i might be off-line for a while after that… (ha! i am making joke about myself!)



Worst. Map. Ever.

19 July, 2008

Hi Jaycar,

Congratulations on producing the most useless map. Ever.


You do not have to finish a book just because you started it

5 July, 2008

Bookboy on ceasing to read a book you’re not enjoying, and choosing one you do…

You will be happier. Your face will glow. People will find you more attractive. The world will be a better place.

You may even win the lottery.


“Christmas on Mars” interview with The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne, Pt. 1 » Scene-Stealers

27 June, 2008

“Christmas on Mars” interview with The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne, Pt. 1 » Scene-Stealers

Have not watched it yet, hope to over the weekend…

When I received the letter, it was like an invitation to be happy

7 June, 2008

(I read that title somewhere in a Sugargliders or Steinbecks space)

I just sent Kym off to her last market for the year, and was about to get Harvald ready for our grocery shopping.

Fired up the ‘pooter to listen to some Gary Numan (he’s apop-star, and he’s got his pilot’s license – how cool is that?).

And that’s when I saw the little red ‘1’ on my mail icon. I clicked, looked, and saw the title of the waiting email – ‘Final Update from Raleigh – We’re coming home!’.

Fuck yeah!

(Dammit, I’m starting to tear up)

I stood up, and I said ‘Yeah!’

4 May, 2008

I just finished setting up the secondary stereo in the front room. Huge thanks to gonty for the re-loan of Dad’s Marantz, and the speakers.

It’s a refreshing setup – I love the old Marantz, and I love having the boot rack (cheers, Vetti) back out in the open.

To test out the new setup, there really was only one choice of album. ‘The Soft Bulletin‘. I really cannot describe how much this album rocks. The only downside to the album is the lurking knowledge that the Lips will never produce anything as great as this again.

So I stand up, I say ‘Yeah!’, and I try not to think about the end….

UPDATE: I also am moved to stand up and say ‘ah crap it’ – because my CD player is still a bit dodgy. Seems like the laser loses sight of the disc every now and then. It’s amazing how off-putting a tiny gap in sound can be.

SECOND UPDATE: I have corrected spelling, for Crumpet. It’s been a rough day, okay?

Merlin bangs on about ‘family friendly’

4 May, 2008

…and i laugh…


Huzzah for the Italians

30 April, 2008

It is with pride in my heart that I acknowledge my Italian heritage (there is some, tucked away somewhere in there), and let you all know that tonight I enjoyed the company of a good friend, some delicious bolognese, and finished off the superb bottle of Italian Red that Vetti and Joff gifted me for my birthday.


Dear Paul and Crumpet

26 April, 2008

Dear Paul and Crumpet,

Thanks for coming to visit the Hardman and me. It was nice to catch you up together. Thanks also for the DVD.

Please accept my apologies for being rather boring.

Here is a picture of the seal we saw in Sorrento, taken with my silly phone. Enjoy it in spirit, if not quality.


Sorrento Seal

on feet

25 April, 2008

I’ve just been reading this interesting piece from New York Magazine (and yes, I found it on Coudal).

Striking quote:

Which makes me think, North Americans have the most advanced shoes in the world, yet 90 percent of us still develop problems? We’ve long assumed this means we need better shoes. Maybe it means we don’t need shoes at all.

It’s a bit of a discussion about shoes, walking and modern society I suppose. While reading I was thinking about how much I love my Campers – how it feels right to be close to the ground, and flat. My two main shoes are the Campers, and a pair of Redback Boots (Bobcat UBOK’s). The Redback’s do feel comfortable, they’re great for the garden, and look a treat under my denims. But they pale in comparison to the Campers, which are soft, flexible, lightweight and still heavily spunky.

Barefoot is something I do enjoy – I try to spend a lot of time at home barefoot – but the winter, and the mulch in the backyard can make it a bit cold and hurty – but I am getting used to it.

As an aside, the Hardman – while he loves his shoes – is always much happier barefoot.