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Not ENTIRELY the same

23 August, 2008

Yeah, so.

He’s having a baby, and so am I.

He’s balding, and so am I.

He started a new blog, and so did I.

End transmission.


Oh hi – you’re still here?

3 August, 2008

Sure, so it’s been a fair while since I showed my face around here. Even longer since I did anything worthwhile (have I ever, you ask).

I’m not even going to bother trying to make sense of it all, but it’s worth (worth, really?) covering a few basic points.

The Hardman turned two. There were family, friends, balloons, and wholemeal fairy bread. There was also coffee, helium, network cable under the house, and nachos – delicious nachos.

The working life has been tiresome. It’s been a fairly trying time, but I’m not entirely sure why. Perhaps I have distemper, or malcontent.

Luckily, I have a super funky support team back at Club Basin. The Hardman is a source of constant joy (excepting his constant mischievousness and cantankerousness), and Kymbo is my rock – even though I do run the risk of wearing her down like an ocean (she claims I do not wear her down, but it’s my blog, so I can say what I choose).

We’ve offloaded some surplus whitegoods, and in the process witnessed the most overcrowded shed my family will ever likely produce. Also got to see the dastardly effect of termites, and played with a super-funky mouse (geeksville mouse, not Year 10 Science).

Surely the best endeavour of late has been the garden. I have been a somewhat willing brawn to Kymbo’s brain, and used my massive manlike muscle power to build four redgum garden beds (with real life bolts). We hired some sexagenarians to fill the beds with mushroom compost, and we currently have some little baby garlics and cabbage and lettuce showing their heads. There are also some teepees (from the original rampant bamboo) which are sporting the first sprouts of peas.

Today we augmented the beds with some potato hay beds. Layers of hay, poo, poo, blood and bone. Then more hay. An some potatoes in there somewhere. They will (in theory) provide us with a fairly constant crop (‘pluck as you tuck’) of clean potatoes from December onwards.

The chooks are chooking on – George is still frit of the humans, and Penny is growing a new bunch of feathers. I hope she’ll get back on the lay, because Mum is back at work and selling her eggs again.

That’s about all for now – I can hear the Hardman snorting in his sleep, and the Kymbo is hankering for a scratchy head. I’ll try to link in a photo of the new beds – let’s see if I can work this technology stuff.


Basin Bamboo

on feet

25 April, 2008

I’ve just been reading this interesting piece from New York Magazine (and yes, I found it on Coudal).

Striking quote:

Which makes me think, North Americans have the most advanced shoes in the world, yet 90 percent of us still develop problems? We’ve long assumed this means we need better shoes. Maybe it means we don’t need shoes at all.

It’s a bit of a discussion about shoes, walking and modern society I suppose. While reading I was thinking about how much I love my Campers – how it feels right to be close to the ground, and flat. My two main shoes are the Campers, and a pair of Redback Boots (Bobcat UBOK’s). The Redback’s do feel comfortable, they’re great for the garden, and look a treat under my denims. But they pale in comparison to the Campers, which are soft, flexible, lightweight and still heavily spunky.

Barefoot is something I do enjoy – I try to spend a lot of time at home barefoot – but the winter, and the mulch in the backyard can make it a bit cold and hurty – but I am getting used to it.

As an aside, the Hardman – while he loves his shoes – is always much happier barefoot.

SXSW 2008 – First Pass, part 1

26 March, 2008

So, thanks to Paul I have the SXSW 2008 showcase of seven-hundred and plenty songs.

I’ve gone about 150 songs into my first pass. The first pass is basically me giving up to 20 seconds to each song. If they don’t pass the 20 second mark, they’re gone. The others will live for the second pass, where I decide if I actually enjoy them, and could see myself listening to more of their music.

I’d expect to have about 20 or so left after the first pass, and less than 5 after the second. So far, I have 6.

For completeness sake, and noting that they are yet to be subject to the second pass, I offer you…

  • The Choir Practice – Red Fox
  • Geronimo – Just Like Water
  • Kaki King – Pull Me Out Alive
  • Kate Walsh – Your Song
  • Trespassers William – Safe, Sound
  • A Weather – Spiders, Snakes

As an aside, I should note that any band or song name in ALL CAPS is removed immediately.

The morning harvest

7 March, 2008

So, Kymbo wandered out into the garden this morning to grab a few things….

The Morning Harvest

…and we haven’t even got started on a real garden yet.

Kym rocks.

So, where have I been?

19 February, 2008

A fair question.

I’ve been in the same place I’ve always been, there’s just been more going on.

I’ve adopted a new role (albeit without a formal Job Description yet, grrr), and am coming to terms with the new workload/flow.

Last year I was a Dev Support person, and it was pretty simple – things would break and I would fix them, people would want a report and I would code the SQL for it. Simple. But now I am managing projects – I am pro-actively chasing things down, having ideas (!), and managing my own timelines and expectations, organising meetings, managing peoples. It all takes alot more effort, and I just don’t have the time during the day to put together a whole blog post.

Sure, I twitter a bit, but nothing particularly clever. And I never usually have a chunk of time when I am at home either. Except tonight, as the Kym has headed out to see Juno with Meglet, and the Hardman is having a well-earned sleep.

So anyways, I am trying to at least gather my thoughts during the day, and hopefully I can organise something, even if it’s just once a week. Things should definately improve once the business moves office, as I’ll be on the train every day. All I’ll need then is a laptop for the transit – I’d better email Helpdesk now to get that started.

Anywho, I’ve got some washing to sort out, a kitchen to clean, and two fingers of single malt to get through. So be well, and implement a backup solution today.


Is there life on Mars?

17 February, 2008

Honesty, there’s probably a hundred blog posts with that same title, all about the same thing as this.

I’m just playing around with MarsEdit. Maybe it’s a big premature, but Mr Crumpet keeps on biggin’ it up, so I’m having a play with it.

Plenty to learn, plenty to learn. I’ll want to be learning some shortcuts before I can really get into the swing of it. I do like how it automatically puts the URL from my clipboard straight into the link when I hit Apple+Shift+A.

Anywho, the sun is melting the backyard, I have washing to hang, and The Hardman is resenting his afternoon nap.

a quick thought…

17 February, 2008

…as The Hardman runs around the house this morning, screaming his little precious lungs out, and I mentally prepare myself for digging up concrete from the side of the house, I am listening to more Sufjan Stevens, and smiling……

and then I read this on the twitter… 

Every time you sniff and say somebody has “too much free time,” the part of you that used to love making things for pure joy dies a little.



I don’t make resolutions, but I’m still gonna have a good crack at blogging proper again, and playing my guitars.

Hugs to you all, and be awesome! 

happy new year

31 December, 2007

It’s a quarter past nine, and I’m settling down to two fingers too many of finest single malt whiskey, with a novelty guitar shaped ice cube+swizzle stick combo (God bless kooky Christmas presents). I would include a photograph if I had some sort of fancy futuristic device that could take a photo and upload it to flickr immediately, but alas, I do not.

The ice cubes rank highly for kitsch factor, but lose too many points during the functionality testing stages. It’s damn near impossible to get the sodding things out of the flexible rubber case. So much so that by the time you’ve wasted 10 minutes in the hot hot kitchen getting them out, you need to pour yourself another two fingers to calm the nerves.

Today we ate simple salad with Bill’s bacon and some yummo chorizo from the recently re-discovered local deli (which has improved tenfold).

We followed with the bookboy family’s truly wonderful apple crumble.

And we did all this through the murky haze of 42 freaking degrees (that’s about 107° to you fahrenheitians). There is apparently a bit of a cool change coming tomorrow at about midday – I hope the Rogerers can keep me alive ’til then.

Love to you all, and keep up your fluids.

buzzy buzzy buzzy like a Killer Bee…

18 December, 2007

So, I am busy as all get-out at the moment.I’ve become a project manager, and inherited two of the largest IT projects in the business. It’s taking me quite a bit of effort to get my head around them. I really need to get to grips with this stacking theory thing now.Luckily I have some sources outside of work who are helping me out, people who’ve been on the inside, mang.Cheers to you all, and to you all, Cheers.