dangerously close

23 August, 2008


there’s only 10 days until Hardman 2.0 arrives.

..i might be off-line for a while after that… (ha! i am making joke about myself!)



4 Responses to “dangerously close”

  1. so we’ll swing by with some home cooked food and see how yer doing sometime soon?

    a post to say there won’t be any posts for awhile – following on the heels of a post saying you haven’t been active here lately but are still conscious. hmmm…?

  2. gizo Says:

    yes vetti – i am master of that thing that i have no name for.

    we are always keen to see you, and if you bring vetti and/or joffa-cooked food you are even more welcome.

  3. bookboy Says:

    I thought “gizo is bug” was quiet because you were busy hacking away on code for stackingtheory.

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