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Not ENTIRELY the same

23 August, 2008

Yeah, so.

He’s having a baby, and so am I.

He’s balding, and so am I.

He started a new blog, and so did I.

End transmission.


dangerously close

23 August, 2008


there’s only 10 days until Hardman 2.0 arrives.

..i might be off-line for a while after that… (ha! i am making joke about myself!)


Oh hi – you’re still here?

3 August, 2008

Sure, so it’s been a fair while since I showed my face around here. Even longer since I did anything worthwhile (have I ever, you ask).

I’m not even going to bother trying to make sense of it all, but it’s worth (worth, really?) covering a few basic points.

The Hardman turned two. There were family, friends, balloons, and wholemeal fairy bread. There was also coffee, helium, network cable under the house, and nachos – delicious nachos.

The working life has been tiresome. It’s been a fairly trying time, but I’m not entirely sure why. Perhaps I have distemper, or malcontent.

Luckily, I have a super funky support team back at Club Basin. The Hardman is a source of constant joy (excepting his constant mischievousness and cantankerousness), and Kymbo is my rock – even though I do run the risk of wearing her down like an ocean (she claims I do not wear her down, but it’s my blog, so I can say what I choose).

We’ve offloaded some surplus whitegoods, and in the process witnessed the most overcrowded shed my family will ever likely produce. Also got to see the dastardly effect of termites, and played with a super-funky mouse (geeksville mouse, not Year 10 Science).

Surely the best endeavour of late has been the garden. I have been a somewhat willing brawn to Kymbo’s brain, and used my massive manlike muscle power to build four redgum garden beds (with real life bolts). We hired some sexagenarians to fill the beds with mushroom compost, and we currently have some little baby garlics and cabbage and lettuce showing their heads. There are also some teepees (from the original rampant bamboo) which are sporting the first sprouts of peas.

Today we augmented the beds with some potato hay beds. Layers of hay, poo, poo, blood and bone. Then more hay. An some potatoes in there somewhere. They will (in theory) provide us with a fairly constant crop (‘pluck as you tuck’) of clean potatoes from December onwards.

The chooks are chooking on – George is still frit of the humans, and Penny is growing a new bunch of feathers. I hope she’ll get back on the lay, because Mum is back at work and selling her eggs again.

That’s about all for now – I can hear the Hardman snorting in his sleep, and the Kymbo is hankering for a scratchy head. I’ll try to link in a photo of the new beds – let’s see if I can work this technology stuff.


Basin Bamboo