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I stood up, and I said ‘Yeah!’

4 May, 2008

I just finished setting up the secondary stereo in the front room. Huge thanks to gonty for the re-loan of Dad’s Marantz, and the speakers.

It’s a refreshing setup – I love the old Marantz, and I love having the boot rack (cheers, Vetti) back out in the open.

To test out the new setup, there really was only one choice of album. ‘The Soft Bulletin‘. I really cannot describe how much this album rocks. The only downside to the album is the lurking knowledge that the Lips will never produce anything as great as this again.

So I stand up, I say ‘Yeah!’, and I try not to think about the end….

UPDATE: I also am moved to stand up and say ‘ah crap it’ – because my CD player is still a bit dodgy. Seems like the laser loses sight of the disc every now and then. It’s amazing how off-putting a tiny gap in sound can be.

SECOND UPDATE: I have corrected spelling, for Crumpet. It’s been a rough day, okay?


Merlin bangs on about ‘family friendly’

4 May, 2008

…and i laugh…