even though I don’t want to talk about my job…

24 April, 2008

I don’t really want to bring the mood down with job discussion, but Wildschwien threw down the gauntlet with this comment:

I should probably get a job in an office.. I work as a gardener for a bunch of rich people. It’s my self-enforced ‘break’ from everything related to my degree. It has its moments. I spend my days mostly pruning, raking, weeding, occasionally planting something, and all the while silently plotting the proletariat revolution…

I think that actually sounds pretty fun, I’m sure Kymbo would enjoy that – although she’d probably want to work for community based gardens rather than rich-folk (I’d be telling her to milk the rich too, though).

In response to Wildschwein – I work as a project guy for a bunch of rich people. It is my ‘reward’ for failing to get a degree. It has it’s moments. I spend my days mostly researching, planning, organising, writing proposals, and occasionally butting heads with the CEO, all the while silently plotting more time at home with the Hardman and Miss Kymbo.

So my dear readers – what do YOU do? Feel free to respond in the ‘Wildshwein format’, or not.

Also – if you are one of the smarties who got a degree – do tell what it is all about, wont you….?


7 Responses to “even though I don’t want to talk about my job…”

  1. bookboy Says:

    I got a masters degree so I could get paid to read picture books and sing songs to little kids, then help them with their cutting, pasting & colouring. Among other things.

    My job rocks.

  2. Moi? batchelor’s degree in social sciences/psychology. Mr Kennett axed social/community services funding, so I got into retail – brassiere fitting is definitely a community service, and selling organic food and wine ? hell yeh!

    Closest I’ve got to revolution lately is charging customers for plastic bags. My job also rocks.

  3. wildschwein Says:

    I did an Arts degree, with majors in English and history. It was amazing, but left me in a bit of a black hole career-wise. Similar problem to Vetti – the kinds of jobs it applies to aren’t the highly-funded kind. They’re the jobs you tend to volunteer for.. like, proof-reading an encylopedia. Great job, you meet top people, they love you, but they can barely afford the office stationery let alone afford paying you.

    I guess my job isn’t that bad. It’s not the subject matter, it’s the shitty people.

  4. quadelle Says:

    I am in my seventh year of training. Two more and I will have a doctorate in psychology and ostensibly be qualified to help people with serious problems manage those problems better, or get rid of them entirely. But will I actually be able to make a difference? Oh boy, I hope so…

  5. crumpet Says:

    I have a BA in Advertising. I worked as a copywriter for three years before realising what a stupid decision that was.

    I’m now in my final year for a BA in Fine Art (printmaking) at the same university that I went to last time. It’s the greatest thing in the world.

    I work in retail at the same department store that I worked at last time I studied. This is most definitely not the greatest thing in the world. I spend my time being annoyed at getting so few hours of work, while generally hating the hours that I do have to spend there. I’d like a career in being independently wealthy please.

  6. wildschwein Says:

    >I’d like a career in being independently wealthy please.

    Me too please.

  7. gruntski Says:

    I have a year ten fail….and work for a Gov. department as the national OH & S Advisor (started today).


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