on Supercars

11 April, 2008

So, I playing with the technology at hand – watch if you dare.

Supercars from gizo on Vimeo.


9 Responses to “on Supercars”

  1. gizo Says:

    stupid embed didn’t work 😦
    – then I used google (twice in two days!!) and fixed it…

  2. ooh – vimeo! nicely done, i’ll have to lift my game, eh?

  3. gizo Says:

    hardly a gauntlet-throw, vetti…

  4. Paul Says:

    I’m surprised to see you approve, matey. 🙂

    Although the Zonda is spectacularly nutty, the pragmatist in me says, ‘You could buy four 911 GT2s for that money and build a fort out of them’

    I know that’s not the point, and the Zonda really does make the 8-year-old inside me very, very happy. I think the world would be a little bit diminished without things like this. We don’t need them, but if we only had what we needed it would be a grey life indeed…

  5. seebs Says:

    Hahah… Richard Hammond meets John Safran. I think Australia’s Top Gear has now found a co-host. Oh that’s right, you don’t like cars 😉
    Nice job mate! Keep them coming.

  6. wildschwein Says:

    Wow man, you speak really well. Where do you work??

    P.S. Awesome sideburns btw!

  7. wildschwein Says:

    P.P.S. That car is freakin’ weird lookin’.

  8. gizo Says:

    @seebs – mang, i did not know you still read this stuff… hi!! Can we both drive to a similar location and catchup soon?

    @wildschwein – I speak well? Thanks, although the little voice inside me suggests you are crazy (again, the water in the west). I don’t like to talk about work, but let’s just say I work for one of the countries largest online automative trading websites.

    The burns have been thinned a bit since that video – they were getting a bit unruly. But thanks, I am proud of them – they are the only bit of a beard I can do with any believability…

  9. wildschwein Says:

    Sounds like a cool job. I should probably get a job in an office.. I work as a gardener for a bunch of rich people. It’s my self-enforced ‘break’ from everything related to my degree. It has its moments. I spend my days mostly pruning, raking, weeding, occasionally planting something, and all the while silently plotting the proletariat revolution… 😉

    Re: sideburns, you should be proud! Viva la sideburn!

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