Pork Medallions and Pear sauce?

5 April, 2008


This is mostly aimed at the wildscwein, I guess.

I want to try to replicate a meal I had out a few weeks back, basically a pork medllion, with a pear and cinnamon sauce on top.

The pears were nicely chopped (1/2cm) and still fairly firm. It was a nice sweet lumpy sauce, and delicious. What most imrpessed me was the Kym doesn’t go for the apple sauce on pork, but really loved this.

Any ideas how I might recreate it? Anything to be careful of? Do you have a simlar yet scrumptious alternative? I was thinking of just chopping some pears with a splash of lemon (to stop browning), some grated cinnamon into a pan for a bit of a cook, and then a splash of balsamic at the end. Probably not identical to what I got when we were out, but does that sound like it might work?

Meanwhile, I’ll keep on trawling the internets, looking for an idea to steal.


2 Responses to “Pork Medallions and Pear sauce?”

  1. wildschwein Says:

    Sounds fine to me.

    A bit of sugar with the pears when they’re cooking might help. Not too much, but enough to add some sweetness and caramel-y-ness.

    Sounds like a nice dish! I think we have a pear tree in our yard.. but the pears are always hard. I have no idea if they actually ripen at some point. I should probably find out, but alas, I’m too lazy.

  2. stew up the pears with enough water to cover, some brown sugar,and a cinnamon stick.add some booze or homemade vanilla extract at the end. if you cook the pork medallions in a sugar/spice glaze, there’ll be a line round the block…

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