new bags, old computers

4 April, 2008

Despite the absolutely horrendous website, I ended up buying a Crumpler bag.

It looks like this. But keep away from the rest of the website, really. It is awful. Truly.

Also, through a process of whining, luck and write-my-own-projects’ing, I have managed to get my hands on the tired old Powerbook from work. I now have a laptop to put in the funky new bag, and I get to use a real computer at work. I cannot tell you all how much nicer it is to work on a Mac.

Unfortunately, it may only last another 3 weeks before Bart steals it back from me. That horrible beasty man.

Um, this train of thought has run out of steam, so….


One Response to “new bags, old computers”

  1. Paul Says:

    I could lend you my tired old PowerBook..?

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