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Huzzah for the Italians

30 April, 2008

It is with pride in my heart that I acknowledge my Italian heritage (there is some, tucked away somewhere in there), and let you all know that tonight I enjoyed the company of a good friend, some delicious bolognese, and finished off the superb bottle of Italian Red that Vetti and Joff gifted me for my birthday.



Dear Paul and Crumpet

26 April, 2008

Dear Paul and Crumpet,

Thanks for coming to visit the Hardman and me. It was nice to catch you up together. Thanks also for the DVD.

Please accept my apologies for being rather boring.

Here is a picture of the seal we saw in Sorrento, taken with my silly phone. Enjoy it in spirit, if not quality.


Sorrento Seal

on feet

25 April, 2008

I’ve just been reading this interesting piece from New York Magazine (and yes, I found it on Coudal).

Striking quote:

Which makes me think, North Americans have the most advanced shoes in the world, yet 90 percent of us still develop problems? We’ve long assumed this means we need better shoes. Maybe it means we don’t need shoes at all.

It’s a bit of a discussion about shoes, walking and modern society I suppose. While reading I was thinking about how much I love my Campers – how it feels right to be close to the ground, and flat. My two main shoes are the Campers, and a pair of Redback Boots (Bobcat UBOK’s). The Redback’s do feel comfortable, they’re great for the garden, and look a treat under my denims. But they pale in comparison to the Campers, which are soft, flexible, lightweight and still heavily spunky.

Barefoot is something I do enjoy – I try to spend a lot of time at home barefoot – but the winter, and the mulch in the backyard can make it a bit cold and hurty – but I am getting used to it.

As an aside, the Hardman – while he loves his shoes – is always much happier barefoot.

even though I don’t want to talk about my job…

24 April, 2008

I don’t really want to bring the mood down with job discussion, but Wildschwien threw down the gauntlet with this comment:

I should probably get a job in an office.. I work as a gardener for a bunch of rich people. It’s my self-enforced ‘break’ from everything related to my degree. It has its moments. I spend my days mostly pruning, raking, weeding, occasionally planting something, and all the while silently plotting the proletariat revolution…

I think that actually sounds pretty fun, I’m sure Kymbo would enjoy that – although she’d probably want to work for community based gardens rather than rich-folk (I’d be telling her to milk the rich too, though).

In response to Wildschwein – I work as a project guy for a bunch of rich people. It is my ‘reward’ for failing to get a degree. It has it’s moments. I spend my days mostly researching, planning, organising, writing proposals, and occasionally butting heads with the CEO, all the while silently plotting more time at home with the Hardman and Miss Kymbo.

So my dear readers – what do YOU do? Feel free to respond in the ‘Wildshwein format’, or not.

Also – if you are one of the smarties who got a degree – do tell what it is all about, wont you….?

regarding those disasters of photoshop

23 April, 2008

I just sent them this…

The scary thing is that those really are his arms, taken from the photo in the article.

Sound Search

18 April, 2008

This is incredibly cool, in a geeky way.
It may even be useful for someone.

(found via chance at

..speaking of Visual Effects….

18 April, 2008

This is slightly related…


you do not need it

11 April, 2008

You don’t need it

Via my Coudal feed, again.

on Supercars

11 April, 2008

So, I playing with the technology at hand – watch if you dare.

Supercars from gizo on Vimeo.

…like it was designed by a 12 year old boy…

11 April, 2008

This showed up at work today.

It is exactly what stupidly expensive supercars should be – Gloriously Absurd.

I snapped these with my silly phone, but Squozen got some better shots.

The Pagani has landed