One Star Coffee

12 March, 2008

Was in Norh Melbourne for a meeting this morning, had a bit of spare time to grab a coffee.

I didn’t drink here, despite the allure.


4 Responses to “One Star Coffee”

  1. either they’re tres modest, or they make the worst coffee in nth melb and are proud of it. stay away from them!

  2. Joffa Says:

    The old Peppermint Lounge used to be the best round there, but that was years ago. Before the facade fell off the front of the building.

    Next time go to the Hot Poppy Cafe on Errol St, they make good coffee and nice burgers…

    Or pop round to The Lucky Seven on Spencer St.

    BTW happy birthday… 🙂

  3. gizo Says:

    Amazingly, Joff – we did end up having a coffee at the Hot Poppy. We were visiting people in Errol Place, so it was only moments away.
    Didn’t you used to work near there?

  4. Joffa Says:

    Yip I did. Go there from time to time for lunch or on a sat am after going to the market for breaky.

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