The morning harvest

7 March, 2008

So, Kymbo wandered out into the garden this morning to grab a few things….

The Morning Harvest

…and we haven’t even got started on a real garden yet.

Kym rocks.


8 Responses to “The morning harvest”

  1. Paul Says:

    WOWSERS! Good work, guys!

  2. kymbo Says:

    shyeah, i wasn’t even trying!!!!

  3. gizo Says:

    Indeed, it’s going to be an amazing thing when we get the garden organised and truly productive.

  4. damn right! go kymbo go!

  5. wildschwein Says:

    Jesus, that’s impressive. Our garden is completely dead thanks to summer. Well, aside from some herbs, some very woody spring onions, some sunburnt and inedible silverbeet, and a few pretty sad looking, nutrient & water deprived capsicum plants.

    So yeah, that spread you have is pretty damn impressive!! lol

  6. gizo Says:

    Yeah, it’s not bad – I think that we’ve got a slightly more amicable climate over here, Wildschwein.

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