An Open Letter

22 February, 2008

Everyone seems to be getting into these Open Letters nowadays… There’s plenty of curdling and backchat that could be made about the concept, but instead I’m just going to add to the noise with my own….

An open letter to Drew from Toothpaste for dinner:

Dude, FFS, give me an RSS feed! Seriously!!!


6 Responses to “An Open Letter”

  1. drew Says:

    Come on, man, just bookmark it and go to the website after midnight. It updates automatically every day.

  2. gizo Says:

    That is so 1997, mang!
    There aren’t enough tabs for all the sites I try to keep up with – RSS or die.

  3. i so love tfd – and those t-shirts? smart!

  4. m1k3y Says:

    watch out internets, gizo’s found a new axe to grind!! 😛

    of course, he could always just scrap up a one together..
    except he doesn’t like that either, see:


  5. […] Drew, contestas de muy mal modo a los fans cuando mencionan el asunto. A ver que pasa con eso del Open Letter, dudo que lo tomes en cuenta. En fin, pueden ver el Pipe directamente y suscribirse al feed. de […]

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