Is there life on Mars?

17 February, 2008

Honesty, there’s probably a hundred blog posts with that same title, all about the same thing as this.

I’m just playing around with MarsEdit. Maybe it’s a big premature, but Mr Crumpet keeps on biggin’ it up, so I’m having a play with it.

Plenty to learn, plenty to learn. I’ll want to be learning some shortcuts before I can really get into the swing of it. I do like how it automatically puts the URL from my clipboard straight into the link when I hit Apple+Shift+A.

Anywho, the sun is melting the backyard, I have washing to hang, and The Hardman is resenting his afternoon nap.


One Response to “Is there life on Mars?”

  1. gizo Says:

    So, you see the next post – ‘Best. Spam. Ever’?
    That was posted using’s web interface – it really doesn’t like Safari (Mac and PC)
    One point to MarsEdit.

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