happy new year

31 December, 2007

It’s a quarter past nine, and I’m settling down to two fingers too many of finest single malt whiskey, with a novelty guitar shaped ice cube+swizzle stick combo (God bless kooky Christmas presents). I would include a photograph if I had some sort of fancy futuristic device that could take a photo and upload it to flickr immediately, but alas, I do not.

The ice cubes rank highly for kitsch factor, but lose too many points during the functionality testing stages. It’s damn near impossible to get the sodding things out of the flexible rubber case. So much so that by the time you’ve wasted 10 minutes in the hot hot kitchen getting them out, you need to pour yourself another two fingers to calm the nerves.

Today we ate simple salad with Bill’s bacon and some yummo chorizo from the recently re-discovered local deli (which has improved tenfold).

We followed with the bookboy family’s truly wonderful apple crumble.

And we did all this through the murky haze of 42 freaking degrees (that’s about 107° to you fahrenheitians). There is apparently a bit of a cool change coming tomorrow at about midday – I hope the Rogerers can keep me alive ’til then.

Love to you all, and keep up your fluids.


10 Responses to “happy new year”

  1. how can you have two fingers too many of finest single malt?

    i’m intrigued by yer kooky present, btw

    happy new year!

  2. bookboy Says:

    “some sort of fancy futuristic device that could take a photo and upload it to flickr immediately”

    you mean a digital camera and usb cable?

  3. gizo Says:

    1: take photo
    2: locate cable
    3: connect cable to computer
    4: start image handling application
    5: transfer image to computer
    6: transfer image to flickr

    these steps do not describe immediacy – they are not the future.

  4. bookboy Says:

    Ah. So what you want is one of the funky cameras like in Scott Westerfeld’s “So yesterday”. They were handed out to guests at a party – as pictures were taken they were all automatically transfered wirelessly to a central ‘puter.

  5. bookboy Says:

    Damn. I was going to make a new years resolution – try to go a whole day without mentioning Scott Westerfeld on a blog. Oh well.

  6. mrs bookboy Says:

    As for me, I’m just chuffed that the humble apple crumble was considered to be “truly wonderful”, especially given my complete dearth of any kitchen-type talent.

  7. wildschwein Says:

    ~*~*Happy New Year Gizo!!!!*~*~

  8. just wondering if the bogans survived the recent warm spell? haven’t seen them for a while…

  9. gruntski Says:

    @ Vetti- this bogan’s still Kickin’, darl! I seen some other Bogans who didn’t have enough VB to make it through…. they was drinkin’ some spew-manty. I got a new blue singlet for christmas, btw…. 😉

  10. gruntski – that’s wonderful babe, don’t forget to post and tell me what yer upto, eh? today saw me wearing a black singlet, and rocking out to ac/dc on youtube. makes housework so much more fun…

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