buzzy buzzy buzzy like a Killer Bee…

18 December, 2007

So, I am busy as all get-out at the moment.I’ve become a project manager, and inherited two of the largest IT projects in the business. It’s taking me quite a bit of effort to get my head around them. I really need to get to grips with this stacking theory thing now.Luckily I have some sources outside of work who are helping me out, people who’ve been on the inside, mang.Cheers to you all, and to you all, Cheers. 


2 Responses to “buzzy buzzy buzzy like a Killer Bee…”

  1. profuse congratulations! i lift my glass of foine whoite woine in your general direction…

  2. gruntski Says:


    king great. Well done, Mr Giz- PM’s rock the world, and from the time when I used to watch you on your IBM 286- I knew it was coming…..

    You rock.

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