The Great Deceiver

13 November, 2007

A great article in The Age today, saying alot of things I know we’ve all being trying to think.
The great deceiver is in a class of his own – Opinion –


4 Responses to “The Great Deceiver”

  1. m1k3y Says:


    bring on the Singularity already

  2. c’mon voters, let’s oust the cardiganed one and his “non-core promises”

  3. m1k3y Says:

    yeah, but AND THEN?

    you think Rudd’s gonna pave the street with candy and something?

    as soon as i figure out where the place for me is, i’m moving there?

    basically, it’s the internetz, that’s my country.. but until the Singularity (what with the mind-uploading and the bush-robotz) i can’t move there

    so, therefore, Vetti – you’re now in charge of counting the number of times Rudd lies.. or non-core promises! in fact, take two others and form a group blog

    call yourself The Democrats! keeping the bastards honest..

    /waves at Gizo.. this is YOUR blog, isn’t it?!

  4. y’know what mikey? i have as much contempt for rudd and his me too politics as i do for the poisoned dwarf – not voting for either of them

    that comment of yours really sounded like a rant, btw…

    think we should let giz have his blog back now

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