what’s going on?

25 October, 2007

So, I know you’re all wondering where I’ve been, and what I’ve been up to.

Well, I’ll tell you. I bought a book from the useless op-shop near my work.

Only 3 stars in Amazon, but for $2.75, it’ll do just fine. Any of you good folk read it?

Also, apologies to bookboy, for cutting his lunch.


11 Responses to “what’s going on?”

  1. bookboy Says:

    So all this time, instead of blogging you’ve been reading this book? Or actually changing the world through information technology?

    I’ve certainly not read it. Looks like a book for grown ups. I don’t do that anynore.

  2. gizo Says:

    No, all this time has been part of the journey to me buying the book today.

  3. bookboy Says:

    Your last post was October 2nd. The journey to the op-shop near work took 23 days?

    Not that I want to get into a discussion abour regularity of posting…

  4. gizo Says:

    Well, if you look at the journey as a 50,000ft project, then yes, it did take 23 days to ‘get there’.

    Also, gizo.tumblr.com

  5. bookboy Says:

    wordpress. facebook. twitter. tumblr. when will it all end?

  6. m1k3y Says:


    oh, Information Theory.. the other, other I.T

    good for you!

    it ends with The Singularity 😉

  7. bookboy Says:

    one site to rule them all

  8. so, was the book any good – or am i totally missing the point here…

    in what way is the op-shop useless, and how did this vortex take 23 days of your life?

  9. seebs Says:

    I think someone let off a can of NerdPong in here

  10. gizo Says:

    @vetti – it was $2.75! the op-shop is rubbish – Kymbo certified.

    @seebs… we’ve only just begun, mate….

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