Define Irony

20 September, 2007

On my lunch-walk today, I was stopped severaltimes by strangers, asking me for directions.


5 Responses to “Define Irony”

  1. m1k3y Says:

    a) you must have that friendly look.. 😉

    b) a true gentleman always has a map of his city handy
    via his map-cane

    c) i had some tourists ask me directions to the nearest Comix Store on Sunday..
    “’cause I looked like I’d know..”
    but *I* wasn’t the one wearing the Superman logo t-shirt..
    — unless they’d spied my GITS:SAC logo on the corner of my bag

  2. gizo Says:

    a: pass
    b: …of Boston!
    c: I read that as Git Sack, and giggled

  3. seebs Says:

    Did you show them the path to salvation brother?

  4. bookboy Says:

    Mix 6 egg whites and 1.5 cups of caster sugar.
    Place in low oven for 90 minutes.

  5. it’s like woody and bronzy except it’s made of iron?

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