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Music that Tall Paul probably doesn’t like, but should

29 September, 2007

Hello and welcome,

This week’s ‘Music that Tall Paul probably doesn’t like, but should’ is a great little album from the mid 90’s. The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group’s “Oh Brother, where art thou?”. (Here’s a link to Jim’s MySpace – be ready for it to start playing music automatically, as MySpace pages are wont to do)

The album was released on Minty Fresh way back in 1995, and still makes me giggle and dance. You can gather from the band name that there’s a decent level of quirk going on here, this is advanced by the song ‘Urban Gentleman‘, in which Jim suggests that Gretsch will name a guitar after him. The quirk is perfectly suited to the Alt.Jazz.Country.Pop music that TLJRG produce.

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou is full of sweetness, from the afore-mentioned Urban Gentleman, through the gloriously quirky Every Other Sunday, to the maturing Glad They’re Gone.Every track on this album is a winner for me, and it’s all topped off by Jim’s ‘not perfect’ voice, which fits his stylings wonderfully.

I think Paul won’t like it for its lack of envelope-pushing, and it’s simple silliness. But that’s what I think we should all embrace – a little more simple stupid silliness. That would make me fit in a whole lot better with everyone else.

If you play the drums, you must go far
because everyone here plays guitar

(Mij Amsterdam, The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group)

on the twitter

24 September, 2007

I am a fool, indeed.

I can’t seem to get my head around Facebook, it appears to me to be nothing more than a modernised version of a chain letter, or those ridiculously lengthy emails that get forwarded on.

So, in protest, I have gone and joined Twitter.

You can stalk me here if you feel the need.


23 September, 2007

mik3y has fixed his RSS. Looks like I’ll be needing to find a new axe now…

Define Irony

20 September, 2007

On my lunch-walk today, I was stopped severaltimes by strangers, asking me for directions.

Memory Triggers

18 September, 2007

This strip reminded me of when I needed to get 3 stitches in my ear. Although in my story, there was a game of Ludo, a long range dice-toss, a brother, and a shove.

Tears for Chicago

18 September, 2007

While the music of Sufjan Stevens may not actually change my life, and it may not really be the music I would have produced if I’d gone to music school, I should say that last night as he repeated the line “I made a lot of mistakes, I made a lot of mistakes…”, I felt a melancholy welling within me.

So yeah, I was moved.

what to think?

16 September, 2007

So, when someone gives me a CD and says “This CD will change your life, its music I imagine you would have written, if you’d gone to music school…” should I be offended, or grateful?

I’ve yet to listen to the CD, so I can’t comment fully. The CD in question is Sufjan Stevens’ Come on! Feel the Illinoise!, anyone heard it?

Another thing I wont get around to

14 September, 2007

I just got an email notification about The Apples in Stereo Super Hi-Fi Remix Contest. It looks like a great deal of fun.

Take the track ‘Can You Feel It’ from The Apples’ latest album (New Magnetic Wonder), and remix it. The winner gets some booty, and gets their re-mix on next years B-Sides and Rarities CD.

Now, I KNOW that this is something that I will have no chance whatsoever of getting around to doing, but I am going to download the 500meg of tracks anyway, because I am interested to hear them all.

I wonder if I can import them into Garageband?

Flying Meat – Acorn

11 September, 2007

Flying Meat: Acorn
A very fancy looking simple image editor. I’ll be downloading this tonight for a play, yessir.

Oh, and pish to you Windows and Linux users. 😉

Another novel solution to grocery shopping with a bike.

11 September, 2007

When I shopped on the bike, it was sometimes a hassle to find enough space to put everything. I could have both paniers loaded, and a backback full of goodness. It was hard work, and stuffing everything into the paniers was sometimes damaging to my veges.

Well, thanks to a head-up email from Vetti, I am happy to introduce the amazing Shopping Cart Bike. What a fantastic statement it would be, to take yr groceries home like this.