the cookbook meme

31 August, 2007

As begun in our sunny western state, at Space Wildschwein.
I think this is worth going for, as it should appeal to at least 2 of my readers (about 50%)

‘How many cookbooks do you own?’
We have 51 on the kitchen shelves. A few picture books in the lounge. We had a big cleanup when we moved house, and we lost a bunch in the Great Flood of the Hawthorn Backyard.

Which cookbook is the one you bought most recently?
Kymbo just bought a couple of those small Womens Weekly books. A Cupcakes & Slices one, and a Trifle & Pavlova one.

Which cookbook is the one you read most recently?
Another small Womens Weekly one. Thai recipes. I just had to glance at the Chilli Coconut Lamb recipe. I used to know it by heart, but haven’t read it for a while.

Name five cookbooks which mean a lot to you:(I am terrible with their names, and I am in bed, so I’m just going to guess at their titles).
These are not necessarily the best books, or the ones with the best recipes. They are the ones that stand out in my mind, either for containing the key recipe, or for what they signify.

  1. The big-arse Stephanie Alexander one. It’s a corker of a book. A few classic ‘go-to’ recipes that I love (like the 3 hour lasagne – a great way to spend a Saturday arvo), and heaps of great advice. We got this book just as I started to realise how wonderful cooking could be.
  2. 3.14 Recipes for Pie. A handmade gift from Crumpet. Features the unbeatable Leopard Pie, and the amazing Chocolate Peanut-butter pie.
  3. The newest Jamie Oliver cookbook. I bought this for Kymbo for Christmas. The idea is that she chooses something every week and I cook it for her on Saturday. Life’s been pretty tough since the Hardman came around, and this was partly an apology for me dropping the ball….
  4. Women’s Weekly Fruit and Vegetable Cookbook. This book rocks. My mum put me onto this one. It has the Leek & Corn Chowder of Ultimate Goodness (especially when cooked with Bill’s Bacon)
  5. An unidentified chocolate cookbook, which has the original recipe on which I base my ‘4 kinds of Dairy’ baked cheesecake. This cheesecake was a winner at my last job, and won me quite a number of Butter Chickens, and Sri Lankan curries.

5 Responses to “the cookbook meme”

  1. wildschwein Says:

    Women’s Weekly cookbooks are such classics. My Mum has a huge vintage Women’s Weekly cookbook collection that she sometimes pulls out and shows everyone. Lots of classic 60s and 70s food, kitchens and fashions. A touch tragic, but you can’t beat those good ole classics like pineapple, cheese and ham on a toothpick, trying-hard-to-look-exotic-with-bamboo-wallpaper butter chicken and lots of woodgrain. Ahh, those were the days.. 😛

  2. i have 57, not counting the vintage cookbook collection. Stephanie is my favourite ( i have both versions ), followed by Channa Dassanayaka’s Sri Lankan Flavours

  3. gruntski Says:

    I have one cookbook- a present from your good selves. Thank you.

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  5. seebs Says:

    The majority of the time it’s Anette Manning, Donna Hay and that Geeza Oliver. The Cooks Companion comes out from time to time but as with you guys, it’s the little Women’s Weekly books at the 12 items or less aisle that keep mounting up. The last one I bought was Vietnamese favourites with a wicked Pho Beef soup recipe.

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