Sorry Fake Steve, I can’t do it

30 August, 2007

He asks us not to make fun of her, but I can’t, such as, help it.

I wept when I saw this.


4 Responses to “Sorry Fake Steve, I can’t do it”

  1. m1k3y Says:

    check out the Tube Map for Miss South Carolina if you ain’t already

    gosh i hope Joffa’s safe over there…

  2. Joffa Says:

    I Just hope that that was not the rehearsed answer…She should run for President…got the basic credentials to follow George W…

  3. too late fake steve, i already did…laughed till i cried.

  4. crumpet Says:

    I laughed very, very hard, then contemplated titling my next blog post “M is for Maps”.

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