iPhoto ’08 – the case of the missing CoverFlow

21 August, 2007

I just don’t get it. Since Apple bought the smart chaps who made CoverFlow, they’ve looked like throwing it into everything.
It appeared initially in iTunes, and then to much fanfare (and my bafflement), into the new Leopard Finder.

And now they release iLife ’08, which I thought would be a ripe candidate for the wonders of CoverFlow. I could actually see it being greatly useful in conjunction with the new Events in iPhoto, and even for browsing media in iMovie.

But incredibly, it’s not there. I cannot understand why they would ignore the technology they have, and the synergy between apps that it would help to create.

Sure, the skimming feature is great to get a quick idea of what pictures are inside an event, but I think it would be nice to have the ability to browse through those photos in a larger format.

Lucky for me, I have not the money to buy iLife ’08, so I won’t feel like I’m missing out on anything…


7 Responses to “iPhoto ’08 – the case of the missing CoverFlow”

  1. being totally ignorant of almost all Apple things, I know not of what you speak. However, it’s great you’re posting again…

  2. crumpet Says:

    We will be getting iLife. Very, very useful for us (specifically me), plus there’s that whole “Student Price” thing. The only reason we don’t have it already is that we refused to buy it until they included a spreadsheet. And now they have. Hooray!

  3. bookboy Says:

    Yeah, yeah. I get it, Mr “I’ve got a Mac and you don’t so nyer nyer”. Stop rubbing it in!

  4. gizo Says:

    @vetti: happy to be posting. i slept last night, too, which Rocks.

    @crump: oh dear my dear, i think you are thinking of iWork…

    @bookboy: nyah! and nyah!

  5. bookboy Says:

    Microsoft have a new software package coming out, it’s called iCry because iDon’t have an iMac or an iLife but still iWork.

  6. bookboy Says:

    Actually, iTake part of that back. I have a wonderful iLife.

  7. iAlso! iSit here with my iHuge sized monitor, and the iFreedom of cordless keyboard and mouse…wouldn’t change an iThing! i love my non-Apple computer 🙂

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