The Hardman just took 8 steps!!!

7 August, 2007

I’m home today looking after the Hardman, as Kymbo is quite ill.

The Hardman just took 8 steps.

This is so much more rewarding than DevSupport and Operations.

I envy you, Mr Seeber.


3 Responses to “The Hardman just took 8 steps!!!”

  1. seebs Says:

    8 steps to the fridge to get Dad his beer??

    Yeah, I’m loving the 4 day week thing and getting some quality time with Lucy. I’ll be looking forward to tuesday’s more than saturday’s from now on!

    I hope Kym gets through it quickly.

  2. huzzah for the hmh! get well soon kymbo…

  3. gizo is bug Says:

    […] I mentioned in a previous post that I envied Mr Seeber. I’d like to expand on that a […]

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