PlanetNERD awakens the pioneer

2 August, 2007

So this morning on the bus, I was watching the latest episode of PlanetNERD (watch it, its local, and low budget). They had an interview with an electronic musician, who was chatting about the origins of electronic music. Being a nerd show, the discussion turned to the Doctor Who theme music. Amazingly, the music was created before Mr Moog made his first keyboard, using post-war tone generators, magnetic tape, and a pair of scissors.

It got me thinking about pioneers, of all kinds. I thought of the attraction of being the first to do something, the first to see something. I started to understand why Simpson wandered off into the desert, why Colombus set sail, and why Armstrong took his small step. LIke reading a great book for the first time, but magnified a million times by the knowledge that you are the first, EVER.

It also reminded me, as most things do, of a lyric. This time, Irish band ‘A house’, from the title track of the album ‘I am the Greatest’ – “I wish I was born before all the great ideas were used. I could have made a lot of records, I could have enjoyed it too.”

Take these thoughts, make them yours, and carry them into the night. Sleep with them, keep pace with them, and turn them into words. Or don’t, your choice.

One Response to “PlanetNERD awakens the pioneer”

  1. gizo Says:

    Oh wow, Planet Nerd have a facebook group, too! Sweet.

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