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the cookbook meme

31 August, 2007

As begun in our sunny western state, at Space Wildschwein.
I think this is worth going for, as it should appeal to at least 2 of my readers (about 50%)

‘How many cookbooks do you own?’
We have 51 on the kitchen shelves. A few picture books in the lounge. We had a big cleanup when we moved house, and we lost a bunch in the Great Flood of the Hawthorn Backyard.

Which cookbook is the one you bought most recently?
Kymbo just bought a couple of those small Womens Weekly books. A Cupcakes & Slices one, and a Trifle & Pavlova one.

Which cookbook is the one you read most recently?
Another small Womens Weekly one. Thai recipes. I just had to glance at the Chilli Coconut Lamb recipe. I used to know it by heart, but haven’t read it for a while.

Name five cookbooks which mean a lot to you:(I am terrible with their names, and I am in bed, so I’m just going to guess at their titles).
These are not necessarily the best books, or the ones with the best recipes. They are the ones that stand out in my mind, either for containing the key recipe, or for what they signify.

  1. The big-arse Stephanie Alexander one. It’s a corker of a book. A few classic ‘go-to’ recipes that I love (like the 3 hour lasagne – a great way to spend a Saturday arvo), and heaps of great advice. We got this book just as I started to realise how wonderful cooking could be.
  2. 3.14 Recipes for Pie. A handmade gift from Crumpet. Features the unbeatable Leopard Pie, and the amazing Chocolate Peanut-butter pie.
  3. The newest Jamie Oliver cookbook. I bought this for Kymbo for Christmas. The idea is that she chooses something every week and I cook it for her on Saturday. Life’s been pretty tough since the Hardman came around, and this was partly an apology for me dropping the ball….
  4. Women’s Weekly Fruit and Vegetable Cookbook. This book rocks. My mum put me onto this one. It has the Leek & Corn Chowder of Ultimate Goodness (especially when cooked with Bill’s Bacon)
  5. An unidentified chocolate cookbook, which has the original recipe on which I base my ‘4 kinds of Dairy’ baked cheesecake. This cheesecake was a winner at my last job, and won me quite a number of Butter Chickens, and Sri Lankan curries.


31 August, 2007

Bookboy sent me this link.

It’s the kind of thing that awakens the idealist in me. I makes me dream of a better place. That is the kind of environment I want the Hardman to grow up in. Except for the Dutchies, of course. 😉

I’m particularly taken by the ones with wagons at the front. Cool.

Sorry Fake Steve, I can’t do it

30 August, 2007

He asks us not to make fun of her, but I can’t, such as, help it.

I wept when I saw this.


28 August, 2007

I have of late, I know not where, lost all my focus.

Well, my work focus anyway.

Springtime is upon us, and I am absent from myself between 8am and 5pm. I have no idea what I am doing, where I am going, or why.

What an interesting world…..

iPhoto ’08 – the case of the missing CoverFlow

21 August, 2007

I just don’t get it. Since Apple bought the smart chaps who made CoverFlow, they’ve looked like throwing it into everything.
It appeared initially in iTunes, and then to much fanfare (and my bafflement), into the new Leopard Finder.

And now they release iLife ’08, which I thought would be a ripe candidate for the wonders of CoverFlow. I could actually see it being greatly useful in conjunction with the new Events in iPhoto, and even for browsing media in iMovie.

But incredibly, it’s not there. I cannot understand why they would ignore the technology they have, and the synergy between apps that it would help to create.

Sure, the skimming feature is great to get a quick idea of what pictures are inside an event, but I think it would be nice to have the ability to browse through those photos in a larger format.

Lucky for me, I have not the money to buy iLife ’08, so I won’t feel like I’m missing out on anything…

9 August, 2007

I mentioned in a previous post that I envied Mr Seeber. I’d like to expand on that a little.

I don’t just envy him – I respect and admire him also.

For those of you not in the know, Mr Seeber (who doesn’t update his blog nearly enough) is a new father, like me. We have similar tastes in music, and have shared a number of houses, and played together in a rock band or two. It’s fair to say we have a lot in common, and are good friends.

“So what?” you say. “Of course you admire and respect your friends.” Of course I do. But this is different, this goes beyond the expected levels.

Mr Seeber is doing what I wish I could do, what I wish I was in a situation to be able to do (hence the envy). He has negotiated a new contract with his employer, which allows him to spend one day a week at home with his new daughter. It certainly is enviable, isn’t it? To be able to spend some good solid time alone with your child – to watch her grow and learn, and to be confident to care for her.

But the biggest feeling I have is admiration. Mr Seeber is bucking the system. He’s not content to do his bit as the breadwinner, and leave the parenting to mum. He’s stepping boldly into what I like to call Real Fatherhood. He’s going to be the Primary Carer while he is at home – no mum to hold his hand, or to come running when things don’t go smoothly. He’ll be taking the ups as well as the downs. He’s going to be responsible. And for that – I admire and respect him.

Also, he has introduced us to Flight of the Conchords, which is incredibly great, and worthy of respect in itself.

Cheers, mate.

The new iMac.

9 August, 2007

Yummy, just yummy.

Although, I am sorely tempted to go a buy one of the older keyboards, just on spec. I’m not sure about this new-fangled flat one. If they were going to build a keyboard based on a laptop keyboard, I would have much preferred they base it on the PowerBook/MacBookPro keyboard.

The Hardman just took 8 steps!!!

7 August, 2007

I’m home today looking after the Hardman, as Kymbo is quite ill.

The Hardman just took 8 steps.

This is so much more rewarding than DevSupport and Operations.

I envy you, Mr Seeber.

Face + Ball = Faceball

2 August, 2007

My boss is leaning toward ITiL certification to make us a better team.

I, on the other hand, am considering pushing for a FaceBall tournament.

What would you prefer, really? I think it’s a no-brainer…

PlanetNERD awakens the pioneer

2 August, 2007

So this morning on the bus, I was watching the latest episode of PlanetNERD (watch it, its local, and low budget). They had an interview with an electronic musician, who was chatting about the origins of electronic music. Being a nerd show, the discussion turned to the Doctor Who theme music. Amazingly, the music was created before Mr Moog made his first keyboard, using post-war tone generators, magnetic tape, and a pair of scissors.

It got me thinking about pioneers, of all kinds. I thought of the attraction of being the first to do something, the first to see something. I started to understand why Simpson wandered off into the desert, why Colombus set sail, and why Armstrong took his small step. LIke reading a great book for the first time, but magnified a million times by the knowledge that you are the first, EVER.

It also reminded me, as most things do, of a lyric. This time, Irish band ‘A house’, from the title track of the album ‘I am the Greatest’ – “I wish I was born before all the great ideas were used. I could have made a lot of records, I could have enjoyed it too.”

Take these thoughts, make them yours, and carry them into the night. Sleep with them, keep pace with them, and turn them into words. Or don’t, your choice.