9 July, 2007

From this article:

Immediately afterwards, Australia fashioned one of the best of its two early chances

So there were only two early chances, and the first was one of the best of them. That suggests that there were more than one of these ‘early chances’ that were good enough to be considered ‘the best’. So the only other early chance we had was also one of the best. In fact, both of our early chances were ‘the best’ early chances.

And yet we didn’t score until injury time.

I shake my head, at all levels.


2 Responses to “Wha?”

  1. as do i. wha? indeed…chops paul would have failed this one for hsc english, i am certain…

  2. seebs Says:

    I think it was a little too hot, a little too humid and we were a little bit shit.

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