6 July, 2007

I am loving the CD I bought Kymbo for her birthday.

Feist, ‘The Reminder’ (Here’s a link, but beware – it starts playing music, in a very mySpace way. Eww)

This is a beautiful CD, a collection of great songs, lovely melodies, and real, honest sounding instruments. Her guitar sounds great – it’s got a great loose percussive sound to the strings. But the most enchanting thing is her voice. She certainly has a way of making me feel like she’s barely even trying, with her voice almost whispering at parts, whimsically trailing off, and yet so round, pure, and toneful.

That’s all I have to say. I am enjoying this album, and you should too.


7 Responses to “love”

  1. gruntski Says:

    yr link doesn’t werk.
    Pissd, am I…just for somethin different…
    And still diseased… although that’s getting better…
    Down on the 11th of Augustius… Plan a night out… and let me know where…(in the centre, please, this time, for the Angry and the Seebsters and the VettJoffs Coz I want to see you all..,

    Let me know if it’s hard, cos I can organise it from here, if you would like…….

    Let me try with my public service mind…

    Mr Giz.

    I will be arriving in Melbourne on the 11th August, 2007. I would be appreciative if there could be a “get-together” on either that Saturday, or the Friday of the following weekend (17/08/2007). I would also like it if the Rowe Family (as you decide), Seeber Family, VettJoff Family, and the Angry Family could be included in our plans. Your help in this matter, whilst appreciated, is not necessary, as arrangements can be made from the North of the Mighty Murray, as required.

    I will be in contact, anon: any assistance you can provide will be a great help.

    Yours faithfully,

    Sir Gruntski,
    Order of Bitter (Victoria)

  2. gruntski Says:


    Thanks for makin’ the Gizmeister happy, and in the process making yourself happy.

    And in THAT process, making the HMH.

    And putting up with my shite all the time

    You three rock. Like Fucking Granite.

    And then some.

    Cheers for Big Ears….

  3. gruntski Says:

    Morning after comment….

    Please feel free to edit the above comments as you see fit….

  4. gizo Says:

    I think I’ll leave it there, Grunter. As evidence….

  5. gizo Says:

    Link fixed.
    And I issue a pox on bloody websites that demand a ‘www’ prefix. No one cares about that crap anymore.

  6. thank you sirs, for the amusement i derived from the above exchanges…looking forward to meeting you again next month, gruntski 🙂

  7. gruntski Says:

    HA HA HA…..he said “pox”….(you can have mine, if you want it….)

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