old dogs

7 June, 2007

K’s been busy. She’s doing a little course on felting at the moment – her first project is looking great.
She’s also teaching me how to knit. I’m not sure which takes more patience – learning to knit, or teaching someone.
My fingers  feel like enormous Polish sausages, and rather than dropping stitches, I somehow manage to create extra ones. I start with ten stitches, and after 10 rows, I have 12 or thirteen. K just laughs, and I unpick and start again. At least I’m getting good at casting on.


8 Responses to “old dogs”

  1. you can teach an old dog new tricks – but since when have you considered yerself old?

  2. gruntski Says:

    Giz ain’t old- Cos I’m older than he, and I still (very occasionally) exhibit the boyish exuberance of youth.

    Although I must confess my exuberance isn’t as exuberant as it once was…

  3. gruntski Says:

    (I didn’t know that you could be exuberant whilst plucking grey hairs from yr goatee….I do try, though.)

  4. Joffa Says:

    I knitted a c’wood scalf once. 🙂

  5. crumpet Says:

    You’re getting extra stitches because you’re accidentally bringing your yarn to the front of the needles before you make a knit stitch. It makes an extra loop over your needle — handy when you do it deliberately…

    Just remember, when you knit you need to keep the yarn behind your needles, and when you purl, you need to keep the yarn in front of your needles.

  6. crumpet Says:

    a c’wook scalf?!? sounds interesting!

  7. crumpet: he can knit, and doesn’t look or act old, but he can’t spell without using spellchecking technology 🙂

  8. gizo Says:

    I had a crack at the sewing machine today too!
    Sewed me some lines around a little hat.

    Look out world – I’m getting crafty…. A bit..

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