settling the debate (or not)

5 June, 2007

Many years go, when I was living in a shared house, we had a number of discussions regarding the placement of the best song on an album. There was much debate about whether it was the first track, the third, the fifth or the seventh (oddly, there were no even numbers mentioned).
So, using the magickal powers of iTunes, I have created a bunch of playlists – First Tracks, Third Tracks, and et-cetera. They all check my ‘No Risk Pop’ playlist (all pop music that’s not from the SXSW showcase). I’ve decided to include compilations as I believe the art of building an album is transferable.

So far, it looks like the first tracks are winning. The thirds are not doing as well as I had expected. I’ve not yet had a chance to really listen to the fifths and sevenths, but I will shortly.

I’d love to hear your take on this – so why not give it a try.


6 Responses to “settling the debate (or not)”

  1. gizo Says:

    obviously, there’s no scientific measurements, just a vibe. And I’m sure the vibe will change as the randomness of the playlists presents different songs.
    What might also be interesting is to restric this to one artist, or one genre (alt.punk, anyone?)….

  2. bookboy Says:

    I haven’t checked lately, but several years ago I noticed that a high proportion of my favourite tracks were number 9 on their respective CDs.

  3. gizo Says:

    Ooh, number 9 – a new Player!
    Given the lack of decent even numbered songs, my next album will only have odd-numbered tracks – quite possibly only primes also….

  4. Joffa Says:

    What, no statistical analysis to muddy the waters…Shame…

    You should collate all the details, insert them into an excel spread sheet, create a pivot table (‘cos you can’t have a spread sheet without one), do some nice pretty graphs. Insert those into power point presentation and present the whole damn thing to the HMH. He’ll proceed to ignore all this, play with his toys ‘cos his favorite song is playing and it’s track #???


  5. Joffa Says:

    The Happies, “If we were really here” is currently playing on the stereo. although I like the whole album I esp like the first song.

    who said nothing interesting ever came out of Salt Lake City Utah…:-)

  6. seebs Says:

    Yeah, I remember now. I was actually a strong advocate for track 2. Give that a go in your fancy appletunes…

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