Sad songs, they say so much

8 May, 2007

Everybody loves a sad song. And it appears that my favourite is everyone else’s too!

Go Joe!!!

Pernice Brothers News/Blog » Blog Archive » a new honor for Joe Pernice:


4 Responses to “Sad songs, they say so much”

  1. omg – a duuuubious honour indeed. Wonder what Joe was up against, song-wise?

  2. Squozen Says:

    I don’t find that song sad at all… /shrug

  3. Squozen Says:

    A woman drove her Saturn
    Into the black water
    Killed herself and her two kids
    Strapped in the back seat
    She’d lost her job
    And didn’t want her kids to be poor

    The Snow White Diner – The Handsome Family

  4. Joffa Says:

    In “Before the old man died” Paul Kelly wrote:

    For the way he ruined our mother
    Not enough blood can run
    We had plans me and my brother
    Everyday I cleaned my gun

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