really quickly – me vs. podcasters

22 March, 2007

alrighty, I only have a moment, as vetti is here, while joff drinks beer at the pub around the corner.

i am taking issue with some podcasters.

1. the folks on MacBreak Weekly – they were spouting some hoo-ha the other week about the film ‘idiocracy’ (i provide no link, because of my ensuing opinion). The folks at MBW expressed muchos grande love for the film, and shock that it disappeared from cinemas so quickly. I respond thusly: It was a crap movie. Truly rubbish, and I regret the time lost watching it. And why did it dissappear? FFS, other than it’s crapness, the fact that they turned Starbucks into a hand-brothel might have had something to do with it. Jeez, guys.

2. This week in Tech. Robert Scoble was guest-paneling. He spouted some claptrap about YouTube being the source of all Goodness, and claimed that with the influx of cheap video cameras and stuff, that the next two years could produce another 50,000 Ze Franks. What utter bullshit. We might get two. If we’re lucky. Ze Frank is not just ceam that bubbled to the top, he’s a bit of a genius, really, and no amount of easily accesible technology is going to birth multidues of people with his level of talent and dedication.

That’s todays rant over.


5 Responses to “really quickly – me vs. podcasters”

  1. any film that makes you use the words star***** and hand-brothel in the same sentence should not be shown to the public, unless sick bags are provided.

    tres sneaky of you to post tonite – but it’s good to have you back on da blog 😀

  2. bookboy Says:

    Wow! Someone’s been taking their angry pills this week!

    Nice rant.

  3. Squozen Says:

    I haven’t seen Idiocracy, but I shouted ‘RUBBISH’ in my head when I heard Scoble say that too.

    Ze was simply the best thing I’ve seen on the net. Given time and the right circumstances, any idiot can fluke one amusing 3-minute clip, but this guy did it OVER and OVER again. I’m really hoping he comes back with something soon, and that he works out a way to get more compensation for his efforts.

  4. crumpet Says:

    How did you even manage to see Idiocracy? Did it even show here. I heard it lasted approximately two seconds in US cinemas. And as much as you hated it, I am quite interested in seeing it…

  5. crumpet Says:

    Damn. I hate it when I can’t edit my punctuation typos.

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