We are the technology

7 March, 2007

For those who care, The Steinbecks have a myspace presence. myspace.com/steinbecks

Don’t get too excited, it’s myspace.

But there is a video of our upcoming single, The Doppler Effect (featuring Tali White on vocals). You’ll notice that I am absent in the video, as it was filmed only days before the Hardman arrived.



8 Responses to “We are the technology”

  1. twas most impudent of them to film without you sir…

  2. Squozen Says:

    Might also want to fix your URL, there is no myspace.com.au 🙂

  3. gizo Says:

    I rock. So much. D’OH

  4. you rock gods need friends to tell you these things, stops the ego swelling out of control. i still think you’re ace. really.

  5. seebs Says:

    Great stuff!!

    Can’t wait to play along to it on Guitar Hero 3

  6. crumpet Says:

    Can I steal yr video and put it up on my YouTube account? Feel free to say no. 🙂

  7. gizo Says:

    Hey Crump.
    Do you wanna hold off on that? I’m pretty sure Joel wants to do it, but Mr Crump has the better quality .mov at the moment. Perhaps he could talk to mr Joel? I’m not too sure if we might want it posted by the_Steinbecks or something…?

  8. crumpet Says:

    That’s what I thought. 🙂

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