meet the bogans – episode 12

20 February, 2007

freaking ghost


20 Responses to “meet the bogans – episode 12”

  1. gizo Says:

    no, I don’t know what it means – sometimes the muse just sings to me….

  2. crumpet Says:

    Well, the “get stuffed” part is appropriate, considering the cartoon’s toy-like counterparts. 🙂

  3. mebbe keithy is the guy who stays indoors 24-7 to supervise the leaf growing rig? would explain the albino colouring…

  4. bookboy Says:

    Looks like Keith is one of those hip hop bogans in a 2 sizes too big all white Kappa tracksuit.

  5. seebs Says:

    Keith’s cool. I’ve got his back and he’s got mine. We hang.

  6. gruntski Says:

    Trev’s just a bully-boy. Someone ought to steal his fully-sick Torana. Or his two-stroke dirt bike.

  7. or spike his woodstock, or arrest him for passing stolen goods at cash converters, or dob him in to centrelink…

  8. gruntski Says:

    Or fill his bong with a water and strychnine mix, or perhaps SHAVE OFF HIS MULLET!!!

  9. or burn his flannies and throw him to the rottweilers?

  10. gruntski Says:

    Hey!!! enough is enough…leave the flannies alone… (I still have several from when I had a mullet…) But you can throw him to the rotties, if you wish (gimme a red heeler any day…)

  11. seebs Says:

    Keith’s tha Man. Hey Mr & Mrs Giz. I wanna see him pick a fight in the next strip… Maybe somewhere like Nunawading Pool Hall?

  12. or a dodgy nitespot like the Manhattan, or a pub carpark?

  13. Joffa Says:

    Can ya get albino boguns?

  14. yes – see comment #3. haven’t you been paying attention?

  15. seebs Says:

    Someone keys his Crewman…

  16. Joffa Says:

    Yes paying attention. Was just wondering if that occurred naturally or got that way because they spent too much time in the dark smoking pot… 🙂

  17. keithy’s albinism could be a genetic defect, or he may have a “moon tan” from only getting out at night. his heavy mates might lock him in the grow house…

  18. gruntski Says:

    You are what you consume… what colour is speed, again?

  19. gruntski Says:

    LOL. Dats funny!

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