meet the bogans – episode 11

16 February, 2007

new torana


7 Responses to “meet the bogans – episode 11”

  1. gruntski Says:

    The Torana is now a thing of the past…. the new age bogans are driving around in Turbo VL Commodores… With the motor made by Nissan….

    Go figure…

  2. or anything that comes in teal, smurf blue, orange or yellow – they won’t touch the SS-V, cos it’s too quiet. What’s the point of all that showy exhaust pipe if nothing comes out, eh?

  3. Squozen Says:

    I like the smurf blue 😦

  4. Squozen Says:

    Oldschool bogan – still can’t go past the dinosaur V8s, Commodore SS, Ford XR8, or if you’re not afraid of ‘modern technology’, the XR6 Turbo. Could definitely see the Chrysler 300C making inroads into this market if the bogans want the bling.

    Chavtastic bogan – you’d be looking at the WRX (the STi if daddy contributed to the car fund) or the Nissan 200SX (with obligatory illegal aftermarket blowoff valve). Baseball cap not included, but mandatory.

    AZN (not technically a bogan, but while I’m on this roll…) – Toyota Supra (the one that looks like somebody got a regular sports car and overinflated the rear end), Lancer Evolution (or if you’re cash-strapped, a regular Lancer shopping trolley with $3000 of body kit to weigh it down) or Soarer.

    SNAG bogan – gotta go for the responsible, practical power. Golf GTi, Ford Focus XR5 Turbo or Mazda3/6 MPS. Bogans who forgot condoms would be looking at the turbo Territory, Liberty wagons or Forester XT Turbo. Mazda CX-7 not a bad option either.

  5. bogan lite jnr – immaculate tooled up Holden SS ute, metallic duco, white trackies and baseball cap, eminem on da stereo. extra points for having a factory job or doing a trade apprenticeship.

    i like smurf blue too squozen – just not on bogan wheels !

  6. oh, and gruntski? be very afraid of the new age bogan …
    natural habitat: outer east or up the hills, new age shop, methadone chemist
    crystal: dolphin/butterfly/native american-inspired tatts, buys incense in bulk to cover the dope/puke/dog smell at home, gives her kids ghastly hippy/celeb /ethnic-hybrid names, psychic vampire
    condor: celtic/eagle/ maori-inspired tatts, paranoia, buys giant rainbow candles cos “chicks dig the energy”, bad vibe merchant

  7. Seebs Says:

    Todays bogan definitely drives a Crewman. On a hot night like this, he’s probably tarped the cab, filled it with water and is on his 10th Woodstock.

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