The HardMan Cometh

13 February, 2007

There is a chance that Kymbo will be bringing Harvey into see me at work today.

They’re going off to visit a Paediatrician today, to investigate his minuscule size. For those of you not in the know, the Harv is currently below the 3rd percentile. He’s officially at ‘throw them back’ size.

So, if everything goes smoothly, I’ll have pretty visitors for lunch. Yay!


10 Responses to “The HardMan Cometh”

  1. hooray for pretty lunch visitors – regardless of size.

    speaking of lunch, our oven got fixed today πŸ™‚

  2. gruntski Says:

    Doan throw ‘im back, suh! He be cute, and cuddly, an’ vereh, vereh Luvable.

  3. bookboy Says:

    It’s not the size that counts…
    It’s how well they can support you in your old age.

  4. gizo Says:

    Just got back from lunch with the lovelies.
    Official word is – calories. Apparently he needed more calories than he was getting.
    But he couldn’t get them because his innards couldn’t cope with the solids.
    All is looking good now though – he had a good flirt with the folks here, and he’s put on 300grams in the last 2 weeks… yay!!

  5. bookboy Says:

    Yay for calories!

  6. Joffa Says:

    Good to hear that he’s ok.

    Get some Beefcake 2000 from the local body building shop… πŸ™‚

  7. gruntski Says:

    Beer!!!- Feed the boy beer… I mean, look what it’s done to my physique! Must be heaps of calories in beer.

  8. yeh – a few pot and parma specials should see him right…

  9. crumpet Says:

    And surely there’s plenty of pot and parma specials out in Subourban and Coke land. πŸ™‚

  10. Quadelle Says:

    Well, good to know the lack of calories doesn’t affect his propensity for flirting!

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