meet the bogans – episode 10

8 February, 2007

no oil painting


4 Responses to “meet the bogans – episode 10”

  1. gruntski Says:

    Tracee should be wearing pink/black cowhide pants IMHO…

  2. Joffa Says:

    Was at a party once with Vetti and someone introduced his misses once just like that. It went something like: “Oh, here comes the misses. She’s no oil painting but…”.

  3. vetti Says:

    yeh, they were junior siblings from portland , wearing their best trackies. they did cause a stir – i recall magenta saying with horror “there are bogans in our kitchen!”

  4. Joffa Says:

    You’ve gone pretty hard on the bogans this week…releasing a little pent up frustration for not blogging about them all of Jan are we? Chuckle… 🙂

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