i am a child

6 February, 2007

I got sick of driving the same road every day, so I have started taking different routes each day. Sometimes it is frustrating – High Street Road is a car park in the morning – but sometimes it’s great. I get to see new places, new houses, and it keeps me a bit interested.

This morning I hit the jackpot. I drove past Hiscock Street. I spent the next 15 minutes of my trip just giggling, imagining what it would be like to live there.


8 Responses to “i am a child”

  1. vetti Says:

    i’m suprised hiscock hasn’t been arrested for loitering on the corner of waverley rd. but then it is small, maybe the cops haven’t noticed it 🙂

  2. Joffa Says:

    I met someone once who’s companies IT policy for email addresses was first 3 letters of first name and first 3 letters of last name. The poor blokes name was something like Anthony Dickson. IT refused to change the email address. He should have been smart and registered as Tony.

    I’ll leave it up to your collective imaginations to work that one out. 🙂

  3. Quadelle Says:

    I knew a girl called Janice Cox, who married a boy with the last name Bush…so she went from Cox to Bush. Imagine if she’d hyphenated? “Hi, I’m Janice Bush-Cox”.

  4. I met a chick once in a bar, her name was Gaye Boyes. Picture the bartender answering the phone “gay boys? yeh, I got hundreds of them here. which one you wanna talk to?”

  5. gruntski Says:

    Mr P. Laycock works at my work. Poor bugger.. he’s a really nice bloke, actually, and doesn’t appear to have any hang-ups at all, which is suprising.

  6. Mr. Wanke was our school bursar – apparently it was meant to be pronounced “wandke”

  7. gruntski Says:

    @ vetti- is that “Won(d)key”? or Wankee??

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