30 January, 2007

I am blogging from work.

Eek eek I am sneak.


10 Responses to “sneak”

  1. bookboy Says:

    That’s all you’ve done since you started that job. Blog. Blog. Blog.

  2. gruntski Says:

    and all you’ve done, Bookboy, is Read. Read. Read.

    Well done, the two of you.

    All I’ve done since I started this job… Servant. Servant. Public Servant.

    I need a bex and a lay down.

  3. gruntski Says:

    And why is my comment awaiting moderation? There’s no links. No swear words (for once).

    Don’t you love me anymore?


  4. gizo Says:

    @grunter – because you are so angry, the interwebs has decided to be careful

  5. gruntski Says:

    Oh. Well that’s ok then. I was just worried about it.

  6. vetti Says:

    yeh-the interweb is really a soft, velvety creature, it just likes to pretend it’s tough 😀

    hooray for sneaky blogging!

  7. gruntski Says:

    I have a thing about soft velvety creatures pretending to be tough. I’m just not sure what it is.

    I’ll think about it and when i get out of jail (I didn’t know you could do time for aggravated assault of a lizard!), I’ll let you know. 😉

  8. ok – i’ll bake you one of those file in a pie things so we can discuss this further 😉

  9. gruntski Says:

    It’s all cool, Vett, I managed to use the wireless card on my laptop (which I managed to sneak into the police station with me- I wore a shirt over my backpack, and convinced them I was a hunchback) to synchronise with the locking system. I’ve managed to escape, but I have to wait until I can get out from under this house before I can type any more.

    Over and out.

  10. what is it The Strokes sing? New York City cops…they ain’t too smart!


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