a saga – in brief

11 December, 2006

Been having some issues with my MacBook Pro. I’ll only write a summary, because I get less enraged that way.

My MacBook Pro has always had a dodgy right speaker – it’s always been sounding distorted, and it was really noticable when trying to listen to male voices, like Ze Frank, or George Clooney (he was almost unintelligable in ‘O Brother Where Art Thou?‘). So I thought I’d drop it in to get repaired before I start my new job, as I can easily take a long lunch at this job.

After the first trip to the technician:

  • 2 logic boards were replaced
  • the MBP was not put back together properly (screws appeared cross-threaded, and not fulsh with case)
  • the fans now sounded like jet engines (rather than being whisper quiet)
  • oh, and the right speaker was still distorted

After the second trip to the technician:

  • speaker assembly was replaced
  • the fans were less noisy than after the first visit, but still louder thanbefore any service
  • the right speaker was still distorted

At this point, I stayed in the store, and spoke to the Service Manager, who basically told me he wasn’t going to do any more to it, and that I should contact Apple and ask for a replacement unit. It felt like he was just trying to get me out of the store, frankly.

This happened on a Friday afternoon, and it was too late to call Apple when I got home, so I thought I’d just wait till Monday. Over the weekend I noticed that the built-in iSight was no longer working, and that when the MBP got hot, the screen went all fritzy.

Fritzy Screen

So I called Apple this morning, to ask about getting the MBP replaced (even though I tend to think that the majority of the fault may well lie with the technicians), and have a case number to follow. Apple asked me to return the MBP to my nearest technicians (guess who that might be), so I went and spoke to the Service Manager again, and I was assured that they would follow Apple’s instructions to diagnose and escalate the issue to Apple Customer Service immediately.

So now we wait. And I go ‘grrrrrrrr’


7 Responses to “a saga – in brief”

  1. bookboy Says:

    Piece of junk. When it finally gets fixed, I’d be happy to help you out by taking it off your hands.

  2. gizo Says:

    if it gets fixed…

  3. bookboy Says:

    You should of got one of those windows machines. I hear they’re pretty reliable ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. vetti Says:

    looks like your “technicians” need fixing. Good luck!

  5. Squozen Says:

    If things go badly, speak to Apple Australia again. Make sure you have dates and receipts for every job performed on the machine. My PowerBook was replaced with a newer model after several screen-related issues, you might have similar luck.

    You might want to call Desktop Power (well, they’re a NextByte now) and speak to Matthew – he really went to bat for me with Apple. You are not obliged to stick with the one repair centre, especially if you think their techs are incompetent.

  6. gizo Says:

    @bookyboy – ha
    @squozen – yeah, I will be calling Apple again today to check to see that it has been properly escalated, and to see what else I can do. I am hoping to get a replacement, and then go find a new store and technician (there’s a few on MacTalk who seem pretty switched on)

  7. Joffa Says:

    nice O/S, cruddy H/W…doh…
    swap you for the garbage tyres I had on my subaru forester… ๐Ÿ™‚


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