the world is a different place

5 December, 2006

Dylan was right – the times, they are “a changing

Even as recently as last year, I could drive through any section of roadworks and lift my hand from the wheel to give a simple wave to the workers, or the guy holding the ‘SLOW’ sign, and I would always get a wave or a nod back. Sometimes there’d even be a subtle “G’day” mouthed between us.

Yesterday however, I was driving through some roadworks on my way in to work, and sure enough, there was a guy holding the ‘SLOW’ sign. As I approached, I instinctively lifted my right hand off the wheel and gave the wave. Instead of the corresponding wave, I got a “what the freak are you looking at” sneer. If that wasn’t strange enough, I looked in my mirror as I drove past, and the guy’s eyes followed me, and he kept that look going for a good 10 seconds afterwards (watching just watching like a vampire).

I hope that he is just a new guy, not fully trained in the way of the signholder. Please someone tell me that he is the exception and not the rule. Please?


3 Responses to “the world is a different place”

  1. bookboy Says:

    What the freak _were_ you looking at?

  2. gizo Says:

    My eyes were on the road. Always the road.
    Concentrate or Kill. It’s a tough choice.
    I’m an excellent driver.

  3. gruntski Says:

    I trained that sign holder in Vampirism101.

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