again with the link blogging

1 December, 2006

I just can’t help myself.

This is much better than the RollerToaster, which is so November.

I give you the flickr fake miniature tilt-shift set.  A collection of photos that have been tweaked to make them look like photos of miniatures. This is worth spending a few hours viewing, as there are some brilliant shots in there.


5 Responses to “again with the link blogging”

  1. vetti Says:

    wow.this is amazing, will have to go back a few times to see everything.

    way better than the zuse toaster i was going to tell you about. all it does is toast your choice of picture/logo onto the bread 😦

  2. Squozen Says:

    Oh, so you want to buy one of these then. Hopefully that link worked…

  3. Squozen Says:

    Oh, and this link also has much to commend it.

  4. gruntski Says:

    Some of those are very very cool…you should have a crack, Mr and Mrs Giz, as you both are very talented, camera wise.

    @ Vetti- the zuse toaster sounds way cool, also.

  5. vetti Says:

    Excellent idea, Gruntski, we should all have a go…

    The Zuse can be inspected over at Neatorama, I think the post is called ‘toast printer’ ?

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