the dream returns!

29 November, 2006

As a young man, I was blessed with many and lengthy dreams. When holidaying in Shoreham with friends, they would gather in the morning to hear me re-tell my story-like dreams.

And then I got a little older, and sadder, and the dreams dried up. I still had dreams, but they were dull and short, just a snippet of something – a deranged clown singing a mournful song on a razor-stringed acoustic – that sort of thing. I had the occaisional lengthy dream, but they were getting more like the Tasmanian House of Large Scissors and Raging Seas and Vampires Staring At Me Through The Window Watching Just Watching dreams that I had as a young young boy, which were Not Good.

Anywho, last night, to my surprise, I had a big long dream. I’ll try to recap it, but I’ve been awake for a while, so the goodness is fading.

Mrs Gizo met Beck, who was on tour, and she asked him to come over to our place after his last show, and he said yes. We went to meet him in St Kilda, and he asked if his roommates could come along – they looked alot like the guys from OutKast, so we said yeah. Then we went and brushed our teeth on the Esplanade (with no toothpaste, of course), where we met a couple of Euro-backpacker girls, who were coming over too.

Later on, at home, Beck knocked on the door with his OutKast friends, and came into the kitchen. I was worried, because we were having all these people over, but there was only one 6’er of Mountain Goat IPA in the fridge. But luckily there turned out to be a whole lot more. The Euro-backpackers turned up soon after, in a long-yet-short old white bus, which was full of ladies from the Blue Rinse Set.

I was keen to get a photo of Beck in our kitchen , so I could submit it for the latest MacTalk photo competition, but when I went to the lounge to get my camera, Damien Leith was sprawled across my beanbag, pulling apart Crumpet’s digital SLR (not Mr Crumpet’s 400D, this was a Nikon). I felt compelled to watch, and took a bunch of photos of him doing it, because I remembered the Crumpet thought he was a spunk. He was having alot of trouble reassembling the camera, which made me giggle.

And that’s about it. Apologies for the rambling nature of this post, but it’s the only way I know to get these dreams out – if I try to sculpt them I forget them, so I just let them pour out.


8 Responses to “the dream returns!”

  1. crumpet Says:

    that’s brillliant.

  2. […] Hey Tally, Giz had a dream where Irish Damien Leith was sprawled on his couch, taking apart my “digital SLR”. […]

  3. vetti Says:

    sounds like a real transitional dream: you are looking back at how you may have seen yourself ( Beck = loser, hanging with Outkast ) and show you have accepted your past ( by inviting them home ). You are confident, and looking after yourself, but concerned how others see you ( brushing teeth ). Now is a time for moving forward, for self-reliance and trying new things ( the backpackers ), which you also accept and welcome. Its also a time to take the best of yourself into the future, leaving the negativity behind ( the old people ).You may still be feeling insignificant/unworthy ( too small/big ), but the decision you have made has made you happy, and you are inspired
    ( beer ) – a feeling that will last ( enough beer for everybody ). Don’t forget that you need to nourish yourself ( kitchen ), by focussing on the situation ( camera ) you can become more comfortable with who you are, and the face you show to others ( living room ). Its ok to realize that you may have been clinging onto the past, use this to make a happier future ( Damien “Sunshine on” Leith ), where you are a more loving and lovable person ( spunk ), This may not be easy, but you’ll get there ( reassemble camera ).

  4. gizo Says:

    Vetti, you made me wet myself. With tears. I am crying from laughter…..

  5. vetti Says:

    me too, but you did give me some great material to work with 🙂

  6. seebs Says:

    I was just about to say what Vette said. She just beat me to it, that’s all…

  7. vetti Says:

    I just read on neatorama that music transmitting toothbrushes are on the way ( bristles send sound waves to your teeth, so you hear the song in your head ) – will using one of these before bed affect dreams?

  8. gizo Says:

    Vetti: that freaks me, it really does.

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