you may call me scrooge

28 November, 2006

I really didn’t think I’d get to post this in November, but life is full of surprises, isn’t it.

On my way to work this morning, I spied my first Christmas Lunacy House. Yep, it has started. Way out in BoganLand the consumers have started gathering all manner of cutout buildings, candy-cane lights, and inflatable reindeer to plaster all over their houses, and lower the property values.

It bothers me. So much pathetic plastic bullshit propagating ridiculous notions of Christmas. Regardless of whether you believe Christmas is about celebrating the birth of the Christ Child, or a special time to gather and appreciate family, friends and love – there is no place for inflatable glow in the dark santa’s bums in chimneys.

I don’t know what you think Christmas is about, but I can guarantee it’s not about buying gimmicky north pole crap.


7 Responses to “you may call me scrooge”

  1. the ghost of christmas past Says:


  2. vetti Says:

    sadly,outbreaks of Christmas Lunacy House can appear anywhere. I met someone who was the only non-CLH in her street last year. Whilst the neighbours were cranking up “Frosty the snowman”, she was getting her Christmas spirit with mates down the pub. If she stayed home, she met carloads of suburban tourists, who used her front yard as a toilet. Not to mention “I saw mommy kissing santa claus” piped out of a PA until all hours…

  3. Melissa Says:

    Our neighborhoods trashy Christmas house finished their set-up yesterday and the lights are blinding. It just grows bigger and uglier every year.

  4. gruntski Says:

    Bloody Christmas light competitions…We even have them in Yass. The local “Community” radio station has a competition, and there are a number (Probably around 50)of home owners who go balistic. Luckily, I live about 30k’s out of town, and the only time I have to see the christmas lights is when i take the kids for a drive around town to have a look. The tour is over in around 30 minutes, and the kids aren’t allowed to urinate on anyones lawns. Luckily, the people of Yass don’t play music to go along with the lighting.

  5. vetti Says:

    I wonder what you win in these competitions? Apart from a hefty power bill, of course…

  6. gruntski Says:

    I think the one in Yass is a free feed at Yass Country Kitchen.Or something else that starts with F.

  7. vetti Says:

    Apparently CLH is huge in England, but they use their “decorating skills” to raise money for charity.

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