NaBloPoMo reflection

21 November, 2006

So, I’m 21 days in to this NaBloPoMo madness, and I feel like I’m running out of steam. I don’t know if I hve run out of things to say, or if I am a boring git, or if I am just tired. Or perhaps some other option I have not yet thought about….

I started with enthusiasm and vigour, I had things I wanted to say, and you had bogans to meet. But now I am struggling to find something worthwhile and the time to write it, and my dear readers are stuck with rather pointless diary entries. It reminds me of the letters I used to write to my grandmother – “Hi Nanna, I hope you are well, we are all well….”.

I feel like I am starting to let you all down.

Maybe it’s just the heat, and lack of sleep? We’ll see. I’ll keep trying though, if you have the patience….

Thanks for your attention, you may now return to your happy world.


14 Responses to “NaBloPoMo reflection”

  1. gruntski Says:

    You’ll make it; I know you will…

    I think I can, I think I can etc etc.

    And I have been entertained reading about your life, your loves and your bogans.

    And your garde, and familial births and such.

    keep up the good work, or I will smack you with a rotten fish next week.

  2. gruntski Says:

    That’d be garde + n = garden. sorry.

  3. book boy Says:

    Hi Gizo. Hope you are well. We are all well.

  4. book boy Says:

    The weather is hot here. What is it like there?

  5. crumpet Says:

    It is hot here too.

  6. crumpet Says:

    Although I think it might rain tonight.

  7. crumpet Says:

    Also, I am struggling with the NaBloPoMo, although I will persevere.

  8. seebs Says:

    Wow, you have been a busy boy haven’t you? I’m loving The Bogans. Maybe an animated flash series to come, hmmm?

    I’ve abstained from the blog thing this month. I call it No-NaBloPoMo. I too will persevere..

  9. vetti Says:

    do persevere giz, your daily posts have been wondrous. i’m volunteering, if you ever need some ideas…

  10. gizo Says:

    thanks, everyone – you all make me smile, and make me laugh.

    Good luck to you, Crumpet. And Mr. Seebs, be strong, you can get there…..

  11. gruntski Says:

    @ bookboy. I read that as “the weather is not here.”

    Where is it? What have you done with the weather?

  12. vetti Says:

    someone told me today that new babies create a vortex which is all-consuming, maybe Arabella took bookboy’s weather?

  13. bookboy Says:

    That’s actually true. You spend days on end inside the climate controlled hospital (only leaving twice a day to move the car) and there is no weather. It ceases to exist. Someone says to you “How’s the weather?”, and you say, “Buggered if I know. I have a daughter.”.

  14. gruntski Says:

    @Vetti- that could well be true, because..

    @ Bookboy- having a daughter seems to suck cash straight out of your wallet, too, leaving no trace of it’s existence.

    Although that previous line is NQR; I think it happens with firstborns. Second and third children (until they hit around 7, I believe) are happy with hand-me-downs. My son looks great in pink, and he seems to have an affinity for handbags and high heeled shoes….

    Admittedly, he spends most of his time in an all-girl house. I have cut him a bit of leeway for this reason. When he turns three, though, look out. Giz will be able to post about the “new bogan”; black t-shirts, mullets, flannies, the works! Maybe even a single unadorned sleeper for his left ear? I wonder if parental control can cover things like tattoos for children…

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