another good-tech story

20 November, 2006

As you all know, Little Baby Bookyboy was born on Thursday last week. Unfortunately, half of her Grandparents are located in the Farawar Land of Canadia. The family BookBoy were a long way from home, and without internets access, spending all their time getting to know the little lass.

Which is where Technology comes in.

Mrs Gizo and I went in to visit on Friday, and took a bunch of pictures. We also took a little video on a Canon Ixus. We then went home and emailed the photos and video off to the Canadianino Grandparents, who were delighted to get pictures earlier than expected, and super excited to see video footage of their daughter and grand daughter looking so well.

“Technology, making life better sometimes…”


3 Responses to “another good-tech story”

  1. bookboy Says:

    I love technology. In the hands of someone like gizo, it really is quite useful. The aforementioned grandparents even got to see the video of one of our ultrasound scans only a few hours after it happened. It’s still on youtube somewhere actually.

  2. vetti Says:

    another happy ending…i’m sure there’s a warm and happy glow from here to fararawar canadia now! thanks, supergiz

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