in honour of the bookboy family

18 November, 2006

In honour of the bookboy family, and in light of my tiredness, today I present you with Mr and Mrs BookBoy’s birthday cakes.

Hers is a super fancy pretty cake, with plenty of delicious marzipan. His was my own magical rasperberry triple-dairy baked cheesecake.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

jj cake



5 Responses to “in honour of the bookboy family”

  1. gruntski Says:

    Is that like birth-day, or birthday. AKA: whos birth(-)day was being celebrated?

  2. vetti Says:

    looking good, Giz! I can feel my arteries clogging just thinking about that cheesecake…

  3. gruntski Says:

    I actually read what you wrote. Sorry that my head is not working right now. My Apologies. I didn’t know their boithdays were close together. Shoot me now.

  4. gizo Says:

    Grunter – it’s okay, their boithdays are chronologically distant. I just grabbed the pics from my archives, because it struck me that both of them had such wonderful cakes this year, and I had pictures of them both….

  5. […] Also, i’m sure this wasn’t gluten-free, but check out this ladybug cake by Gizo is a Bug. […]

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