a little vindictive

16 November, 2006

I couldn’t help but smile this morning.

There’s a man who lives across the road from us, and he comes home very late at night, and reverses down his driveway with his highbeams on. He doesn’t just drive down and turn them off, he’ll sit there for a minute or two doing goodness knows what before he turns them off. Since we had new curtains put in it doesn’t really cause us any problems, it just seems rude.

Last night, instead of his highbeams, we had a terrible ruckus – a truck, pneumatic thingies groaning, metal sounds and et-ceteras. We brushed it off and got a few hours sleep before the HardMan woke for his next feed.This morning as I went to get into my car, I spied the dreaded Stigma-mobile across the road, on the nature strip, with it’s bonnett smashed up to the front wheel arch. I had a little giggle to myself, and went to work, singing.

Does that make me a bad person?


6 Responses to “a little vindictive”

  1. gruntski Says:

    It doesn’t make you a bad person, but Karma will bite you on the ass.

    His replacement car will be a four wheel drive, with those blue halogen headlight things, with four x 200W driving lights, and it will be a noisy-assed diesel with no muffler.

  2. gizo Says:

    grunter, his mother would never allow it (did I mention he’s in his late 30’s and lives with his mum?)

  3. gruntski Says:

    He’s probably a very sensitive and caring individual, who would be mortified if he knew he was upsetting you. He just wouldn’t consider it unless someone pointed it out to him (by reversing into your driveway with high beams on late at night a few times-BTW, down in a week or so, happy to offer assistance…).

  4. Joffa Says:

    Nah just means that you’ve got a good grip on reality, unlike his tyres which may have had very poor grip on the road…

    To quote Homer “It’s funny ‘cos it’s not happening to me”…

  5. vetti Says:

    its poetic justice in a suburban setting!i like it!!!

  6. antman Says:

    sing with me…”neighhhhbours…..everybody loves good neighhhbours
    unless they’re stupid bloody bogans…”

    so, you won’t be borrowing a cup of sugar?

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