meet the bogans – episode 4

9 November, 2006

the future


15 Responses to “meet the bogans – episode 4”

  1. the rarin' librarian Says:

    I’m planning to visit the future tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    Mind you, I said the same thing yesterday and presumably I never made it there since I’m still here in the present.

  2. vetti Says:

    are the bogans:
    – deeply philosophical ?
    – heavy drug users ?
    – very depressed ?
    – a combination of the above ?
    – ???

  3. gizo Says:

    vett: …and then some….

  4. vetti Says:

    depth of character – i like it!!!

  5. gruntski Says:

    @ Vetti: could be the mix of above, ie. they are deeply philosophical about their weight challenged (heavy) drug induced depression. Perhaps.

  6. book boy Says:

    my cat’s breath smells like cat food

  7. book boy Says:

    Some people consider it a worthwhile challenge to post a blog entry every day for a month.

    Others pursue the far higher calling of commenting on other people’s posts at least 4 times a day, every day for a month.

  8. book boy Says:

    It’s sad really. Surely I have better things to do with my time. And yours

  9. gruntski Says:

    @bookboy- or you could spend all your time replying to the replies on someone elses blog. That’s worse, maybe…

  10. gizo Says:

    …do I know you people…? 😉

  11. book boy Says:

    maybe you thought you did

  12. book boy Says:

    I’m going to work now, so for the next hour I’ll have no internet access and will not be able to post comments. I repeat, for the next hour I will not be posting comments.

    Just think how much I’ll have to say when I get back online 🙂

  13. vetti Says:

    giz – checked out ‘puppet up’ yet? henson is finally back on track, with some feisty, improv puppetry…can’t wait to see what yer pet bogans think up today…

  14. Squozen Says:

    omg… puppet up!

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