If you were wanting to burst my head…..

6 November, 2006

In 16 easy steps:

  1. Give me an interview in March 2005 for a 6 month part time contract paying better than my current job
  2. Tell me you like me and want to hire me, but you’re just waiting for the paperwork
  3. Wait
  4. Let me know there’s been a takeover, and all spending has been frozen
  5. After the takeover, tell me that all the contracted workers have been offered permanent full time positions instead.
  6. But there’s still no more hiring, until after ‘they’ work out how to amalgamate the two teams
  7. Contact me in May 2006 to let me know that things have settled down, and you are hiring again.
  8. Tell me that I am a shoe-in for the position, which is now permanent full time.
  9. Invite me in for a quick chat just to sort out salary and terms and such
  10. Spring a surprise visit from the Big Boss Man on me, and make me all nervous
  11. Say it all went well, and everyone’s happy with me
  12. Ask me ‘Did Mark email you ?’
  13. Ask me ‘Did Mark email you yet?’
  14. Ask me ‘Did Mark email you yet?’
  15. Tell me there’s been another hold on hiring (not that I care because I am in the process of having a baby)
  16. See me 3 months later (just after my boss tells me he’s cracked it and is considering leaving) and ask me ‘Has Mark emailed you yet? Because we’ve got approval, and we want to hire you. This time it’ll be simple, you’ll just come in for the paperwork’.

Oh yeah, and make sure that step 16 happens just after I’ve started the countdown of days (348) until I am eligible for Long Service Leave (3 months at full pay)

So, what do I do? Do I:

Stay put, in a fairly secure, cushy, not-too-challenging Public Hospital, on call 24/7 every second week, with little to no growth prospects, but a fair bit of autonomy…


Join a high profile, web-based trading company, in a .NET world (with which I have no experience), doing 2nd level SQL support, similar wages, a little further from home, no more pub.hospital perks (ADO’s, salary packaging), lose my upcoming LSL, and have potential for growth, ‘real-world’ experience, and no more pager.

Tell me what you think, because I am buggered if I know what to do…..



5 Responses to “If you were wanting to burst my head…..”

  1. gruntski Says:

    Coming from me, this is kind of funny, but stay where you are- If the other company reckon you are good enough to hire this year, they will still think that next year and a bit…

    And I don’t know how well things will go with them once you do start work- do you know anyone that does work with them, to get some feedback? The mess they have made of “recruiting” you might be indicative of more issues than you want to deal with…

    Just my thoughts, and only because you asked.


  2. gizo Says:

    thanks, Healthy Boy. In fact, I do know someone there. He and Mark are one level below ‘Big Boss Man’. The shamozzles have all been based around the take-over, and subsequent re-structuring (top two online traders into one).

  3. vetti Says:

    not that i’ve any corporate exp, but, if they’ve screwed up royally so far,and for so long, would you trust them enough to work with them ? sounds like the package is better where you are – until you find something better and/or taken that long service leave…

  4. careers.r.us Says:

    Tough call. I can vouch for the benefit of doing something you really enjoy. But I get to do that _and_ have flex time and a 35 hour week. Upcoming long service leave is a big plus. The opportunity to get stuck into more meaty IT stuff is a big plus, if that’s what you want. I guess the way the instability of the recruiting process so far may put a question mark over the long term stability of the job. And don’t underestimate the hugeness of 3 month off with full pay.

    Dunno really. Tough call.

    If you’re reasonably happy with what you’re doing, I’d tend to stick it out just for the LSL. If the other job is really what you want to do long term, then maybe you should take the chance when it’s presented.


  5. antman Says:

    tough call Giz.
    My first instinct would always be to go for the angle with most potential for upward movement. That said, I don’t gamble and would also tend to side with the known quantity. Confusing, eh?

    The current position gives you stability, LSL with K and H, less travel time = more time with K and H (except for the pager part of the equation).

    A decision….Hmmm……Hmmm……I would take the new job/opportunity, but wait – either till after LSL or at least until they got their shit together and you knew the job wouldn’t collapse 6 months after you start. A change = unkown = fear = excitement = motivation = as good as a holiday. Gruntski is right – if they want you now, they will want you later and it would be less of a gamble for you.

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